Detroit Summer Outreach Application

Application Procedure and Forms

IMPORTANT! Please follow all directions!


  1. Please answer all the questions in the Application (both Part1-General and Part 2-Essay).
  2. Complete Part 1 entirely before submitting and continuing to Part 2
  3. Submission may take several minutes, but will be much faster than the post office. Please be patient!
  4. You should receive an email confirming the submission of each part of the application. If you do not receive email confirmation, then please email us at for confirmation.
  5. You will be required to enter a four digit code as an electronic signature. You may chose any number and do not need to remember it.

(NOTE: This site uses a shared security certificate which may prompt an error message. Simply continue to the site. This site is SECURE.)

Please complete Part 1 before starting Part 2.


  1. Print two copies of the Referral Form.
  2. Complete the first section on each form, and mail them to two people over 21 who have known you for at least 2 years. (First ask both individuals if they are each willing to complete a referral form for you.)

Include with each form a stamped envelope addressed to:
Detroit Summer Outreach
PO Box 06650
Detroit, MI 48206

The referee will mail the form directly to YouthWorks-Detroit. Referral forms are and will be kept confidential. However, we reserve the right to contact the referee and/or additional referees to discuss your referral form and/or your application if it is deemed useful or necessary for completing the processing of your application.

*NOTE: If you are involved in a Sword of the Spirit Community or University Christian Outreach, one referral form should be completed by your pastoral/small group leader and one by a community coordinator or the UCO Director.


When you are ready to make your payment, please visit our payment page.

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