Mission Year

Jesus is calling - who will answer? Mission Year is an invitation to engage a life on mission, to embrace a common life of prayer and service, and to chose to answer your calling as a ordinary radical living as a disciple on mission. The invitation is to live and serve in Detroit, building relationships and living among God's people in the city, while receiving Christian formation and staffing the programs of YouthWorks-Detroit.

Mission Year participants give one (or more) years to intense discipleship through: living a common life together, sacrificing certain luxuries, and receiving training in youth work and urban issues.

While mentoring high school youth, leading or supervising work crews in the StreetTeam Leadership Program, building relationships with community neighbors and homeless friends, teaching in after-school programs, and engaging in our common life of prayer and service, participants play a formative role in many people's lives in the city, while being touched by the wisdom, strength, and faith of their neighbors from Detroit and transformed from the inside out by the love of God. Missionaries will also have opportunities to have many other experiences serving in the city, inviting others into the life of the kingdom, and to learn many new skills and build many new and lasting relationships over the course of their time in Detroit.

Mission Year is about young men and women choosing to radically seek after the fullness of what God has for them and learning to live a life poured out on mission for Christ.



Download our:

Mission Year - Initial Questionnaire

by February 1st, and send it back to the contacts indicated. We will respond quickly to let you know if space is available for your application!

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Who is eligible to participate?
Who runs Mission Year?
Where will the missionaries be living and serving?
Does “Household Life” kinda mean we’re married for the year?
Money: What’s the Real Deal?
Am I paying money to volunteer?
When does the program begin and end?
Isn’t Detroit a pretty dangerous place to live for a year?

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